TP Link and Cisco Router: Which is Reliable?

If we are talking about the tp link router and Cisco router both are best in own fields. Both are the big company in making the router. And both have used the latest technology in the router. But the one issues in the router this is range issue then I consult you something about the range. I think the range power of in from both routers the Cisco range power is well. 
Something about TP Link router: 
The TP link router is native and foreign both the working is good and this is the oldest company in the router field and cost is hard to compare to other router company. The TP Link has many technologies and secures in data transfer. The data transfer by the TP link router is flow in the constant speed. If You have any query related to this then in this condition you can easily visit us on the  TP-Link router customer Support Number
   The Wireless perform is best TP link router some routers of TP Link is based on the N technology because this technology is very for the router solution. And maximum Speed of this router is 150mbs. And this is a more affordable price in the market. And 9X the speed and 4X is having the range and enabled in this is the very high bandwidth-consuming application. You can have fun used with this router just like as video is not streaming and you can play the online game without any streaming. And other this of this You can easily enjoy the N power and G price. 
Something about the Cisco router: 
 If We are talking about the Cisco routers these are also best in his field because this is very old and reliable company in this field. The Cisco routers are my by the best technology and some technology is more best in the Cisco router only this is Provide not other just like as Deploy and SD-WAN this technology is only made for the secure connection with the scale applications and deployment just like as the Monitor, prioritize if you want more about this technology and another thin then, in this case, you can join us on the Cisco Router customer support number 
And another one is there you can easily choose more enjoyment with the help of this just as you get IT flexibility it flexibility is more expensive technology because this depends on the First NVF solutions. By this NVF solution, you can enjoy any application and any platform, and any connectivity.